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Griffin’s becomes The Griffin’s Food Company

There are some exciting changes happening at Griffin’s. 

We are proud of our heritage and proud of producing New Zealand’s favourite biscuits but Griffin’s as a company is so much more than that. We have a wide portfolio of snacking products from delicious flat breads, protein nut bars, crunchy potato chips to decadent toffee pops. And our brands such as Griffin’s, Nice & Natural, Eta and Huntley & Palmers are household names. But we also have a role to play beyond our product range, one that celebrates the 150 years of heritage and community engagement that is at the heart of who we are.  

To acknowledge our history, our broad snacking portfolio and celebrate our potential we are relaunching Griffins Foods as The Griffin’s Food Company and will be rebranding our corporate logo to suit.  Based on the old brass biscuit cutters from our original factory in Nelson our new branding celebrates all that is true to our history and heritage while also taking our corporate imagery well beyond biscuits.

There will be no change to your favorite brands on the supermarket shelf. But you may start to hear more about The Griffin’s Food Company and what we stand for in the very near future.